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Our extensive selection of business checks makes it easy for resellers to find products that meet your customers payment and cash management needs.

Products Category Highlights

 Laser computer checks with dealer customizations

Computer Checks

  • Laser and continuous
  • Compatible with more than 2,000 software packages
  • Custom options for niche software
 3 on a page checks with dealer customizations

Manual Checks

  • 3-On-a-Page
  • One-White
  • Voucher
  • Portable
 Security Hologram that displays on high security with watermarks for additional security

High Security Checks

  • Offers customers extra security that can prevent a crippling loss from check fraud
  • Provides peace of mind for pennies more per check
 Custom Laser check with dealer check preferences

Custom Checks

  • Add customer’s company name, logo and colors
  • Help build their brand and image
 EZ Shield logo for extra check protection

EZShield Check Fraud Protection

  • Customers hit by a verified check-fraud event* receive advancement of (up to $25,000) within 72 hours allowing customers to stay focused on their business while their bank investigates and resolves the fraud incident
 Deposit slip product with dealer customizations

Cash Management Products

  • Deposit slips, deposit bags and endorsement stamps
  • Help customers simplify cash management and save time